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Information to travel to The Philippines

The Philippines is a country made up of thousands of islands, many of them incredibly beautiful. If we have in mind the image of paradise, that would be the Philippines. Its tourist development has been carried out in the last 10 years, being therefore the last backpacker bastion of Southeast Asia. Despite the fact that there are areas such as Boracay or El Nido that have already reached considerable saturation, there are still areas that are outside of the massive tourist circuits, and that can make you enjoy the trip a lot.

The big problem with the Philippines is that getting from one place to another is quite complicated, so unless you have all the time in the world, it is better to focus on areas. Each area has a better time of year to visit, so it is better to discover the Philippines on successive trips. In "When to go and weather" section we indicate when it is best to visit each area.

As for the question that many of you ask yourself, is it safe to travel to the Philippines? The answer is YES. As long as you take the basic precautions to be taken on any trip through Southeast Asia, and that you avoid troubled areas of the southern islands, traveling to the Philippines can be as safe as traveling to Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam. You have more information in the "Health and safety" section. As far as natural phenomena are concerned, the Philippines is in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire, as happens to Indonesia or Japan. Earthquakes, typhoons and volcano eruptions are relatively common ... we recommend not traveling from August to November, when typhoons (hurricanes) are more likely. But otherwise, as long as you follow the instructions of the authorities, it is unlikely that you will have major problems on your trip due to natural phenomena.

If you are reading this, it is because you have caught the Philippines bug. You have probably seen amazing photos on Instagram, but you have doubts about if it is safe or not, and how to prepare your trip... From Way Away we want to encourage you to travel to this wonderful country, one of our TOP destinations where you will be in contact with the most exuberant nature and you will have unforgettable experiences. With our Travel Guide and our Detailed Routes, we help you with your trip preparations so that you too have a perfect trip through the Philippines.