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The Pizzaria, next to our favorite pousada in Sao Luis, Hotel Portas of Amazonia

Actually share space and possibly the owner. Only have pizza but very good, but if the cheese had a little more flavor would be just perfect. But this is a chronic disease of all the pizzerias in Brazil…

Go on! Drink a good caipirinha while eating the pizza. Sit at a table right at the entrance, as well, to keep the doors open, oiréiss the bands that play in the street.

Sao Luis La pizzaria

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Restaurant Feijoao Na Chapa, to try feijoada on Sundays.

Feijoada, even if some people say that it’s like paella on Sundays for Brazilians, is worthless. It’s always taking accompaniment, but this time with mixed beans with meat. Actually the dish comes from the time when slaves were given cool white boys on Sunday blacks fucking their feasts leftovers sabadinos. The poor starving wretches of course mixed their daily diet (beans and rice) with bones and bits of greasy meat left over from last night’s feast.

Chapada Diamantina

But even so the want to try, this is a good site because only tiraréis away 12 R $ (5 € more or less). With 3.5 R $ plus you can accompany a large can of beer ice cold Schin as ever in Brazil.

You can sit on your deck facing the creek and the bridge (yellow tables Senhor dos Passos Avenue, parallel to the river, just one street before reaching rodoviaria bus station), or inside where you will see that the bar is simple but well put.

Chapada Diamantina

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Kiosk Vaga Lume

Isco do Peixe ½ R $ 18.50 (8 €)
½ medium Camarao 26 R $ (11 €)
Brahma Bottle 6.50 (2.5 €)

If you go to Paraty can not help but make the trip to Trindade but do not even think an agency! With the bus line goes that shoots! In Brazil Planner explicarmos where you take it and what a walk is worth doing in Trindade.

In the village of Trindade not worth eating, this is much better done in one of the kiosks or barracks Praia do Meio. Of all the options, do not hesitate even a little more expensive: go to the kiosk Vaga Lume. No wonder it is recommended by the Guia 4 Rodas, because both the fish and the prawns are first. Not that others are not kiosks fresh ingredients they are, but this is the “restaurant”, take better care of hygiene, will best serve you and above have some hammocks to not turn to ask why you can not stay to live in Brazil …

Although the letter put the portions are complete, are so abundant that they make you ask half portion of each. So you can try both the fried fish (with a touch marinated) and the camaraos. Of these have small, medium and large but with the middle finger and chuparéis you!

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Definitely the best place to watch the sunset in Jericoacoara and also take a good caipirinha is the giant dune. Impossible not to see it because the sun starts to heat stop you will see that everyone starts to go to there like a pilgrimage. Curiously, few people take the opportunity to drink a caipirinha, so most days there is only one cart, so you can not choose a lot … They are not as good as those of the Barraca do Socorro, our favorite Shopping Village, softer and not as strong, but we did not complain!

Mind you, if you take a peaceful and comfortable caipirinha on a terrace facing the sea, the best place is the Mosquito Blue, on the beach of Jeri. It is also the most famous because it was one of the first pousadas in Jericoacoara. Ideal for mid-afternoon when there is still light to see the sea. You will see that also serve food, but is a bit expensive and although the Peixe is good, not even remotely better than what you can take in the barracks when you go hiking with buggy (and less abundant, both in quantity and accompaniment ).

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Restaurants Oxossi and Maria de Sao Pedro on the top floor of the Modelo market

Zonzeira Bar on the ground floor of the Modelo market

One of the attractions of Salvador de Bahia is the market model, just below the elevator and opposite the ferry that takes you to the wonder of Morro. In Brazil planner will explain how to get and the best route for Salvador, Morro de Sao Paolo or even if you want an island Boipeba wilder still and quiet.

Hay dos uno para cada lado con terraza gustosa por el viento bisIn any case, for the day that you be visiting the Pelourinho have a good choice to eat. When bajéis to see the market model, if you are tired and want to relax for a while, go up to the top floor. They have two restaurants turistoides cufflinks. Do not panic, cross your semi round the room to the terrace outisde. Award. Among the fresh wind that passes and harbor views, although Repay food from tourist to tourist price worthwhile. But not even need a ticket to let yourselves grand. If you are hungry ask some petisco (dish for snacks) and if not, only beer and worth it.

And to eat go down to the floor below. Just inside the market but ultimately playing to the port you will see some jobs market or traditional bars. Dan a little scary but if you try the fried fish superáis of Zonzeira (before leaving on your left), sururu or lambretas, including clams and barnacles. And if something goes “good”, do not worry. I only have cost of R $ 5-10 (2-4 €). And the beer is just as cold for just 5 R $ (€ 2) Bottled 600ml carafe.

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Beach barracks
4 R $ can of beer
5 R $ bag of chips 
8 R $ sandwich chicken, tuna, cheese or turkey

If you don’t bring anything or if you have something more than hunger, the most famous beach of Ilha Grande, the praia Lopes Mendes, have several barracks that we still ask, sell exactly the same: bags of potato chips that are not worth anything and bread sandwiches with chicken, tuna, cheese or turkey, perfectly wrapped and they know better than you’d expect … Well, not much, but at least you can eat!

Praia lopes mendes_ Ilha Grande

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Cafe Gelato Felice Caffè in Rua Gomes Carneiro 30, Ipanema

If you are from Ipanema and I want an ice cream, you have it easy. Near the beginning of Ipanema, on Rua Gomes Carneiro, ranging from the beach to the metro stop General Osorio, Felice find the cafeteria. By 8 R $ (3.2 €) you can take a “casquinha” (small cookie for 1 ball) or 10 R $ and take two flavors.

The site is trendy, so you will see that the tables are full of people watching the time!


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Tropicana Creperie

From 10 R $

In the same way of Vila do Abraáo port you will find the Creperie Tropicana. The French owner made a Pousada there and took tables to serve crepes. Well it does, because it is a good way to dine in Ilha Grande, when weary fish.

The “tropicana” with ham and cheese is a basic but good and if you want something sweet you can get it, although chocolate might be better, they will want to repeat …

12 11 02 Ilha Grande 08712 11 02 Ilha Grande 092

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Madero Av Jaime Reis 254, Plaza Garibaldi

Bacon Cheeseburger Classico (2 hamburgers) 260 gr: R $ 25.60

Junior Durski, Curitiba star chef, and owner of the most expensive restaurant in the city. And the major hamburger chain, Madero. And the fame has gone to his head a bit because there cut hair to announce their burgers as “the best burger in the world”. And, man, not bad but just has been a couple of people … Of course, if you’re a couple of days in Curitiba worth going. Although to later say there was no deal!

They have several throughout the city so do not struggle to find one …

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Leonardo da Vinci Restaurant

The only Italian restaurant in Jericoacoara in which the owner is Italian … Enough said. You’ll see in the very near Rua Principal praia, left hand down with a chop sea terrace.Do not miss the “penne with fresh tuna”

To get dessert at the same ladito have a confectionery cakes catch the eye …


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