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Suggested itinerary: City Break Stockholm in 4 days

Day 1: Montelius Vagen and Sodermalm

In the route description we’ll point you out the best way to go from the Stockholm airport to your hotel. On your first night, we recommend you to watch the landscape from Montelius Vagen and to have dinner in the trendy borough of Sodermalm. Night in Stockholm (in the Smart Route, you will find our recommended hotels and where to book them at the best price).

Day 2: The Old Town, the city and Vasatan

Walk around the Old Town seeing among other beautiful buildings, the Royal Palace. Go over the city, where most of the locals go to work and then, go to take a coffee in the residential neighbourhood of Vasatan. In the Smart Route you will find recommendations to go out for dinner as a local.

Day 3: The Archipelago

There is nothing more typical among the locals than spending the summer weekends going to one of the islands in the Archipelago by boat. In the Smart Route you will find the way to do it by public transportation and an itinerary through two of the most interesting islands: Grinda and Vaxholms.

Day 4: The museum island and Ostermalm

In the morning, go over the museum island and at noon, walk through the fancy borough of Ostermalm. In the afternoon, go to the airport to take the flight back home.

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City Break Stockholm in 4 days