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Suggested itinerary: The Philippines in 10 days for independent travellers

Day 1: Arrival in Manila and flight to Coron

If you are traveling from Europe, it is best to take a flight to Manila, and from here another flight to Coron airport. It is also possible to do this journey by ferry, but there it is not perative every day of the week. If you arrive in Coron early, you can take a bath in the Maquinit hot springs. In the detailed route we will indicate you how to make each transfer, where to sleep and where to have dinner this night in Coron.

Day 2: Island Hopping in Coron: the ultimate tour

For this first day in Coron, we recommend that you take the so-called ultimate boat tour. Without a doubt it covers the most impressive and must see spots in Coron. In the detailed route we will indicate the options you have to do this tour, although our recommendation is without a doubt to do it in a private boat in order to flee from the masses.

Day 3: Island Hopping in Coron: Scapade Tour

The tour that we recommend you to do today will take you to much more remote and deserted beaches than the day before. They are much more paradisiacal beaches although the snorkeling in them is not as good as that of the previous day. Take it as a relaxing day and to instagram amazing photos. In the detailed route we will indicate our recommendation of beaches to visit and the order.

Day 4: Ferry to El Nido

Take this day to travel by ferry from Coron to El Nido. Once in El Nido, settle in your hotel and prepare to enjoy one of the best sunsets of your live. On the detailed route we will indicate the best places to enjoy the sunset with a good cocktail in hand and where to have a wonderful dinner once night falls.

Day 5: Island hopping in El Nido: tour C

Today we recommend you do tour C through El Nido. On this tour they will take you to secret beaches that are hidden behind the cliffs. You will have to access some of them through holes! Although impossible to avoid other tourists, it is a true wonder of nature, and a tour that you cannot skip in El Nido.

Day 6: Island hopping in El Nido: tour A

This second day we recommend you do the most famous of the tours, tour A. So famous that it will be very difficult for you to avoid the hordes of tourists. But still, you cannot miss the famous hidden lagoons of the island of Maniloc. In the detailed route we will indicate our selection of stops in case you go on a private tour (our recommendation) and the order in which to do them to minimize the number of people.

Day 7: From El Nido to Port Barton

Use this day to move from El Nido to Port Barton, and enjoy this pleasant town, which has much more charm than those you have previously visited in El Nido and Coron. On the detailed route we will indicate our favorite restaurants in Port Barton and recommended places to sleep.

Day 8: Port Barton: in kayak to White Beach

One of the things we love about Port Barton is that you can enjoy a lot by yourself, without having to go on a tour or hire the services of a boat. Within a very short kayak distance you can reach amazing places. So rent a kayak and paddle to beautiful White Beach, while stopping at heavenly Coconut Beach along the way. In the detailed route we explain where to book the best kayaks at the best price.

Day 9: Port Barton: in kayak to Starfish Island

On the second day in Port Barton, take the kayak again, and this time paddle the other way until you reach the curious Starfish Island. This small sand atoll located in the middle of the sea is literally full of starfish. Be very careful not to step on them, touch them, or get them out of the water! They are really fragile beings. Then continue paddling to the heavenly Pamuayan Beach where you can relax with a coconut in hand.

Day 10: Back home

This last day, move to Puerto Princesa, and there take a flight to Manila or Cebu from where you will take your flight back home.