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Best apps for travelling to Cuba

Currency converter:

No doubt, XE has the best app for your smartphone or tablet. Be aware of how much you are spending regardless the currency you are using!

App with Way Away routes on offline maps:

We advise you to install the Way Away app on your smartphone or tablet and download the guide with the maps of your destination before leaving home (available for iOS-Apple and Android).

You'll have detailed maps with your daily itinerary, without the need of an Internet connection. Besides, there is a GPS geo-location tool that will allow you to know where you are at all times (even if you're not online).

Download it on to your device, log in with your user and password and you'll have access to the travel guides you have previously purchased at our website.

  • Different travel itineraries for a range of days
  • How to get from city to city 
  • Detailed daily schedule of visits and how to get from one to the next 
  • Offline map with geo-located daily itinerary 
  • Authentic restaurants along the route
  • Recommended hotels according to your budget
  • Practical info about visas, vaccinations, currency...
  • All the comments and files you have uploaded in our website