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Mother, in Hokerboderne 9-15 

Porcella Pizza 135 crowns
Bufala 125 crowns

And if not the most fashionable restaurant in Copenhagen, just missing. As a kind of meat market or slaughterhouse, the Meat Pack are already several restaurants that have placed their backsides around here. Of all the best is the Mother. Super diner, decorated with wooden furniture magazine, very good food and surprisingly not that expensive for what it’s cool. Although a little far from the center and this “fancy restaurant” always gives a little lazy, do not fail to come. You will not regret! As usual in Copenhagen, have their blankets when cold pressed on the terrace.


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Cabana do Sol in Praia de Calhao

Possibly Cabana do Sol is the best known restaurant in Sao Luis from knowledgeable people here and the rich over there (well, we, the tourists …). The only disadvantage is that it’s really expensive to be Brazil. The meat dishes, the best thing to take into the cabin, are around 100 R $ (40 €), but it is also true that it is per person with all the accompanying needless ask for anything more …

It is a large wooden hut on the other side of the beach promenade of Calhao, with huge room upstairs.

To get you have to take a taxi or a bus because it is on the beach in Calhao. In Brazil Planner will tell you what bus and how to take it, but as the bus drivers drive around here, if you will not marearos, best Pass directly to the taxi.

If when you get there, do not go for the eyes, you can always go to the pizzeria Vignoli, is also a fine site, good quality, you will find a little beyond.

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Maison des tartes, 67 rue Mouffetard

Located in the Latin Quarter is difficult to find a place without tourists, but at least if there are some who have a real point. As the maison des tartes. With four tables and a waitress who does everything, even sell lunches, here you can taste the typical quiche lorraine and others curious as spinach, eggplant parmigiana, etc.. If you take it here I will by 4.5 €, one less if it is to carry.

All are rich but the eggplant is especially good! And also the chicken with mushrooms. And if you want something sweet, the lemon cake, though perhaps too acidic, it also leaves more to eat.

And the house wine, the red burgundy, also worth a try. Pint Bottle by 6.5 €.

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Bar pastry Hembygds

If you have planned going to the archipelago, your ferry will gone through Vaxholms. They call it the “door of the archipelago” and all tourists are tempted to stay here. The other islands inhabited sound like too little and always gives a little scary not knowing what they will find one … Hold on wanting to get off and go for an hour or more on the ferry to reach the island of Grinda. Worth not just be to continue enjoying the boat ride!

On his return, however, yes it’s worth stopping at Vaxholms (all ferries stop here). But watch out for the cost of the ticket because then you have no temptations to get off. There is no way to understand it but even a “stopover” if ye Grinda to Stockholm and you go down a bit in Vaxholms will cost almost double that if you go directly …

In any case, if you do not go just budget, give the little walk from the back of the Hembygds Vaxholms until a white wooden house with a garden facing the sea. His law pies like something out of a film of Saturday afternoon. But you can also eat salty if you prefer. In any case, the short time that I will spend sitting under an umbrella in your garden, it will be a good way to end the day in the archipelago.

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Confectionery Colombo, inside Fort Copacabana

Entrance to Fort 6 R $ (2,8 €) (required pay to get to the terrace)
Pesto pasta Salada 25 R $ (10€)
Pie of Belem 7 R $ (2,8 €)
Bohemia Beer bottle R $ 6.50 (€ 2.6)

The Colombo is famous confectionery that appears in all maps. The original is near the old center near the Av Rio Branco, but we recommend you do not miss that are within the Fort of Copacabana. Not only eat very well but you will have the best views on the beach. It will cost you 6 R $ into the fort, but it’s a cheap toll.

Situated at the tip that separates Ipanema Copacabana, come into the fort, go straight walking the walk that overlooks the sea and find the Confectionery 200m Colombo. If you continue straight you will come to the point where it pays to look out to see the cannon guarding the bay. Unless you come at rush hour is easy to find a place in any of the tables are on the terrace overlooking Copacabana.

Though Colombo is known especially for its cakes, both without hesitation accompany you inside so you can see and choose them personally, the salty are first, especially the pesto penne. With a serving almost eat both.

12 11 01 Río de Janeiro 042 bis

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Rei do Caldo

Although they are experts in “broth”, soups, you will see that if you ask for one they do a weird face. Here people come to eat the moqueca de Peixe (60 R $ – Brazilian dish with tomato and onion sauce), the Peixe to Brasileira (69 R $ – fish with peppers and onions) or Filet de Peixe ao molho of camarão (69 R $ – fish with shrimp sauce). The price for two people, if you ask half portion 60% overcharge.

All real good … provided that no cilantro ia!! “Cuantro” in Brazilian … Moreover, you can follow this recommendation for all Brazil, because this herb more than one will be bitter night!

In the street leading to the walk but very close to the beach, the place is nice, well decorated and with a couple of windows facing the street next to that we recommend sit.

IMG_2640 bis

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L’estaminet, 39 rue de Bretagne, in the market “Le Marché des Enfants Rouges”

Le marche des enfants rouge. The market for red children, named for the former orphanage that was next where children’s uniform was red. Although slowly and many home markets that are beginning to offer authentic sites to eat, we still miss the concept of food-markets in London reaches once and for all. Real sites, not the San Miguel market that has everything as well as ashamed to touch. And that which we love, but we would like a street-market where you could take different specialties, each made like a different grandmother.

“Le marche des enfants rouge” is not this exactly but at least in a small space you can do a brunch at L’estaminet ecological or grab a burger with fries (supposed to also ecological …) or try Moroccan specialties or even some sushi. None of these positions will win a Michelin star but it’s a start!

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Boteco at Rua da França Borges dos Reis 24

Frango to passarinho do Abilio (chicken fried in garlic and oil) 22 R $ (9 €)
Frango the parmigiana (chicken with tomato sauce and melted cheese) 27 R $ (12 €)
Tournedos Joáo Hegouet (steak sauce Paris cafe) 62 R $ (25 €) 

From Rio Vermelho you will which is the bohemian neighborhood of Salvador. That said, do not expect to find a piece of Paris Here … It’s just an area with good weather is nice and quiet walk, which, without being anything special, it is much to be Salvador. You can see the Peixe market, sit on one of the terraces, see a small little beach on the corner of a church high on one end … and you can also eat in the “boteco” chosen for the eighth time by the guide “Veja Salvador eat & drink “as the best of all Salvador.

The Brazilians call “botecos” establishments that are halfway between the bar and the restaurant. Some equate to Spanish tapas sites but not exactly that. Their dishes are still, as in Brazil, always giant portions for 2 people, but the service is more informal and faster (which is appreciated!).

12 11 06 Salvador de Bahia 016 bis

With very few tables, if you go at the wrong time may not give you good impression, but food for Brazil is really good. Although the site look more to prove “petiscos” or tickets to itch, which is out in a little more elaborate dishes like chicken parmigiana, rice or tournedos camarao Paris cafe.

If you like oysters, also you can go into the “Cofradia give Oysters” on Rua Fonte do Boi 8, near the Boteco da França.

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The Flying Frog, a hidden gem in Riga!

Ieala Jersikas 31st

We love the phrase! When you see it written in any criticism out there, whether restaurant or hotel, put your beards to soak. It is the favorite expression of owners sleep at night and by day are dedicated to creating (or worse yet, to buy) profiles to amass a review after another on their premises.

But is that the Fyling Frog earned it. Although after several Latvians recommended to us, we find it in one of our typical hunter trips restaurants because we did not have in the typical pre-selection we always do before traveling after searching and reading reviews on all possible sources. Terrace Local crowded but not enough to not get a table. You can try the typical incoming Latvian, their “garlic bread”, pan fried in oil with garlic, but if there are four or more, is a dish that you can knock down hunger. And here it is better that you may keep a place in the stomach for steak, but chicken, burger or lasagna also give the trick!

If you follow our Smart Route, if when you come over here do not have the body to a hearty meal in the corner just beyond you indicate a site with a little more class, less fat and more glass of wine that you can serve with combined an appetizer plate that will rise from the place.

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Rodoviaria Zinhos in Paraty (bus stop)

The day that you may possibly Paraty toméis the first bus to Rio de Janeiro, at 7.20 am in the morning or so. Chances are that at that time in your Pousada still are sleeping so manhana coffee I’ll have to improvise.

But nothing happens because for less than 2 R $ in the same season “rodoviaria” Paraty (that’s how they call all central bus stations in Brazil) you can take a cake to scrumptious chocolate. Remember that the journey to Rio lasts longer than 4 hours! Although you will have the stop bar shift at the company’s own bus …

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