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What to do and see in South Korea

Places to visit in South Korea (sightseeing):

â??These are the places you can't miss if you travel to South Korea:
  • Seoul: it is the capital of the country, a huge city where incredible skyscrapers coexist with wonderful temples and majestic palaces.
  • Busan: vibrant coastal city, the second largest in the country. There you will find beaches, super cool neighborhoods and spectacular markets.
  • Gyeongju: a little jewel, the so-called museum without doors. In addition to its Tumuli park (funerary tombs in the form of mounds), you can visit the spectacular Bulguksa temple and dine at super nice restaurants.

What to do in South Korea (attractions):

These are the things you can't miss on your trip to South Korea:
  • Have dinner at night markets. A whole Asian experience.
  • Sing in a karaoke. When in Rome, do as the Romans. And there is nothing more Korean than a karaoke :-)
  • Eat a Korean barbecue. They are great, perhaps the best of Korean cuisine.
  • Buy cosmetics. They have international renown!!!
  • Try Korean baths (Jimjilbang). They are a kind of separate spas for men and women, where you can bathe (naked) in pools of hot or cold water. In addition, there is a massage area, sauna ...