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What to do and see in Busan

What to see in Busan (places to visit):

The things you cannot miss in Busan are:
  • Gamcheon Cultural Village: a poor neighborhood inhabited basically by refugees from the Korean War, who one day decided to reinvent themselves by filling its streets with color and art. In the purest style of the 13th District of Medellín.
  • Jagalchi Fish Market: the most spectacular fish market we have ever seen. Tons and tons of fish of all kinds at your fingertips.
  • Haedong Yonggungsa Temple: a beautiful temple located in front of the sea.
  • Yongdusan Park: a pleasant park in the middle of the city crowned by the Busan Tower.
  • Gwangalli Beach: a pleasant urban beach, the perfect place to see the Gwangandaegyo bridge illuminated at night.
  • Haendae Beach: one of the places with more atmosphere in the city, where you can have dinner or have a drink listening to the sea.

Things to so in Busan (experiences):

These are the things you can't stop doing in Busan:
  • Get lost in the streets of Gamcheon Cultural Village: leave the main street and get lost in its alleys. Any corner can be a big surprise.
  • Go shopping in Nampo-dong or just sit in one of their cafes for a delicious Korean coffee.
  • Stop by BIFF Square where things always happen and it is not uncommon to see Korean stars (although you have no idea who they are, you will know if they are famous for the amount of people that pile up!).
  • Eat fresh fish at the Jagalchi Fishery Market, either raw in the form of sashimi, or grilled. They are spectacular!
  • Going up the Busan Tower is very affordable and the views are very interesting. Better do it at sunset time.
  • Dine at one of the restaurants in Gwangalli Beach overlooking the illuminated bridge.
  • Stroll along Bosu's Book Street, very close to the Gukje Market.
  • Go for coffee or dinner at Jeonpo Cafe Street, a super lively and authentic area of â??â??the city.

Gamcheon Cultural Village:

Gamcheon Cultural Village

Brief description: Gamcheon Culture Village is a neighborhood located on a hill overlooking the sea. Populated mainly by people with few resources and refugees from the Korean War, one day its inhabitants decided to reinvent the neighborhood, fill it with color and art. To do this, they invited artists from all over the country to their homes, who in exchange for ...

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Touring Nampo-dong:

Bosu Book Street

After eating at the Jagalchi Fish Market, there is nothing better than going for a walk, having a coffee and maybe doing some shopping in the lively shopping district of Nampo-dong. Cross the street and then you will be in the famous BIFF square, where something is always happening. It is very likely that there is a stage and some famous Korean in action, although the ...

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Yongdusan Park:

Busán Tower

Climbing the escalator from Nampo-dong, you can easily reach Yongdusan Park, a beautiful park located high on a hill. Its name literally means "Dragon Head Mountain", alluding to the shape of this mountain. In the middle of the park is the imposing Busan Tower, an icon of the city. And right in front (with excellent photographic opportunities) are the monument to Yi ...

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The Busan Tower:

Busan Tower

Short description: 120m tall, Busan Tower is the highest point in the city. It is an observatory tower (not a telecommunications tower), and offers a super wide view of the city. As it is quite affordable, we recommend that you go up to see the views, if possible just before sunset (so you can see the city with light, and then illuminated). The entrance also includes a ...

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Haedong Yonggungsa Temple:

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Brief description: wonderful Buddhist temple located in front of the sea. The only problem is that it is so beautiful that it is always very crowded... so we recommend going very early (sunrise ir gorgeous here). The temple was first built in 1376 by a Buddhist master, but it was destroyed during the Japanese invasion. It was rebuilt in 1970 trying to maintain its ...

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