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Touring Nampo-dong:

Bosu Book Street

After eating at the Jagalchi Fish Market, there is nothing better than going for a walk, having a coffee and maybe doing some shopping in the lively shopping district of Nampo-dong.

Cross the street and then you will be in the famous BIFF square, where something is always happening. It is very likely that there is a stage and some famous Korean in action, although the only way you will have to know whether or not it is very famous, is the amount of people who accumulate to take pictures :-)

If you keep walking north, you will see a series of pedestrian streets with restaurants shops ...

If you feel like walking, you can wander north until you reach the Gukje Market, which has all kinds of stands.

A little further north is Bosu Book Street, which is super curious.

Go back wandering around and go for coffee at the fabulous Nanpodong Street. The coffee in Korea is super good, and they have a variant with some tapioca balls (caramel color and very sweet) that is very curious! In this street you have some very nice cafeterias.

Finally, go to the escalators that go up to our next point on the route, Yongdusan Park.