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Language in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam they speak Dutch, although the majority of the population speaks well enough in English. Below we've provided some basic words and phrases in Dutch to help you integrate better with the Dutch:

  • Yes = Ja (pronunced "Ya")
  • No = Geen ("Heen")
  • Hello = Hallo ("Hahlo")
  • Good morning = Goedemorgen ("Hudemoryen")
  • Good afternoon = Goede middag ("Hude midak")
  • Good night = Goede nacht ("Hude nakt")
  • Thank you = Dankzij ("Dankshei")
  • Please = Dan
  • Beer = Bier ("bier")
  • Price =  Prijs ("pres")
  • The bill = Account


It's not commmon to leave a tip in Amsterdam, usually the bill includes an amount already set aside for service. It's still fine to do, whether to round out the bill to the euro or leave a little extra if the service was outstanding, but either way it should never be more than 10% of the bill.

Amsterdam pass/card

There's the Amsterdam City Card, which gives access to all the museums and public transportation (minus transport from the airport), and includes a canal cruise and other discounts. Price: €47 for 24 hours, €57 for 48 hours, and €67 for 72 hours. It's only worth it if you both plan on visiting more than one museum and really want to go on a canal cruise.