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How to get around Netherlands

How to get around Amsterdam


There are many companies and hotels that rent bicycles.

The cheapest is Star Bikes, which rents bikes for €9 (24h) or €12 (2 days). It's bikes are good enough, typically Dutch without gears (there's no need in Amsterdam, it's a very flat city) and with pedal-brakes (quite the experience!). The only inconvenient thing is the relatively distant store location, behind the station (De Ruyterkade 127, 1011 AC Amsterdam).

The next best option is Mac Bike, which rents bikes for €9.50 (24h) or €14 (2 days). There are shops located throughout the city, including the central station. These prices are for Dutch bikes without gears and with pedal brakes. If you want gears or handbrakes, the prices are a bit more expensive, so try the Dutch style bikes and experience the culture a little more!


The tram network covers the majority of points of interest of the city. You enter the trams through the front and exit out the back. You can buy single journey tickets directly from the conductor, specifying the stop where you want to get off (2.90€).

If you don't want to rent a bicycle, then you can buy a 48h GVB voucher for 12€, which gives you limited access ro the city trams, busses, and metro for 48 hours (it doesn't include the train from Schipol to Amsterdam).

Hereby you can download the full map of metro and tram.