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What to do and see in Amsterdam

Red Light District:

Barrio Rojo de Amsterdam

If you leave Dam Square near the National Monument you'll end up in the Red Light District (Rosse Burt). It's located directly in the center of Amsterdam between the streets Warmoesstraat, Zeedijk, Nieuwmarkt, Kloveniersburgwal and Damstraat. It gets its name from the color of the lights that illuminate the shop windows temporarily housing the prostitutes ...

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Dam Square:

Plaza Dam Amsterdam

Dam Square is the hub of Amsterdam, with different buildings and monuments of historical interest: The most important is the Royal Palace (Koninklijk Palace). Today it no longer houses the royal family but is used for receptions and official ceremonies. Next to the Royal Palace you'll see the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk), in which members of the Dutch royal family ...

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Anne Frank House:

Brief Description: this is the house that Anne Frank and her family hid themselves in during the Nazi occupation during the Second World War, and the place where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary. In the house, apart from experiencing the reality of their forced reclusion, you can also see the original diary and visit a holocaust documentary center. We absolutely ...

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The Museum Neighborhood:

El barrio de los museos de Amsterdam

This Sunday morning, during which many stores close in Amsterdam, we recommend visiting one of the museums. The most famous of them are the Van Gogh (with works of this artist) and the Rijksmuseum (with works of various artists including Rembrandt). Take 2-3 hours walking around each one, as such it's perhaps better to choose only one of the two. The choice will depend ...

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Van Gogh Museum:

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Brief description: the Van Gogh Museum contains a grand collection of Works of the artista and his friends, in addition to describing the evolution of the personal life of Vincent and his work. Prices: 17€ (minors under age 18 are free). It's a good idea (better, essential!) to buy the tickets online ahead of time in order to avoid the huge lines! It wont cost you ...

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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Brief Description: the Rijksmuseum harbors one of the most important art collections in the world, including the most well known works of Rembrandt. It's the biggest museum in the Netherlands with more than a million visitors per year. Prices: 17.50€ (minors under age 18 are free). It's a good idea (better, essential!) to buy the tickets online ahead of time in ...

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Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam

Once you walk around the Canals of the Red Light District, direct yourself to Nieuwmarkt Plaza, where you'll find one of the oldest markets in the city. It still operates a few days a week although it's proximity to the Red Light District has turned the neighborhood into one full of restaurants and cafés. It's here that we recommend dining in one of our favorite ...

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Begijnhof Amsterdam

From Spui square, you can go to the Begijnhof (seen from café Hoppe towards the square, it's a small door on the left hand side, open every day until 5:00pm). The Begijnhof is a patio surrounded by houses. Originally, it was constructed as a sanctuary for the Begijntjes, a catholic sisterhood of of women who lived lives similar to monks. The oldest house in Amsterdam ...

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The 9 streets:

Las 9 calles Amsterdam

This is probably the most beautiful and authentic area of Amsterdam. It's made up of all the small streets that unite the Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht and Herengracht canals (Runstraat, Berenstraat, Reestraat), they full of cafés and charming stores. The best thing to do is to snake through these side streets staying between the three canals. On these streets, you'll ...

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Vondelpark, Ámsterdam

One of the most well-known and beautiful parks in Amsterdam. Ideal to bike around in. Don't forget to have a picnic in one of its clearings one Saturday afternoon, and walk around the whole eastern area while looking at the marvelous mansions that overlook the park. After the picnic, go to the lively café 't Blauwe Theehuis (located in the northern zone of the park), ...

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Coffee Shops:

Coffe Shops, Ámsterdam

In Amsterdam it's permitted to sell and smoke small quantities of marijuana provided it's done in specific, designated locations, the Coffee Shops. There are an infinite number of coffee shops in Amsterdam, and it's very odd because they're still operated and maintained like they were when they opened, when the sale of marijuana was illegal, so they feel very ...

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Bloemenmarkt (Floating Flower Market):

El mercado de las flores de Amsterdam

Brief description: it's the only floating flower market in the world. Originally boats loaded with flowers and plants would come, although presently the floating platforms are in fixed positions. A great opportunity to see all types of plants and flowers. We recommend buying tulip bulbs if you visit the city in the spring. They are a great reminder of the city and if ...

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Albert Cuypmarkt:

Brief description: it's the busiest and most important market in Amsterdam, full of curious people, food to go and all kinds of other things. How to get there: continue walking on Ferdinand Bolstraat for three blocks until Albert Cuypstraat. Trams 16, 20, 24, and 25. Hours: Mondays to Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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On the way to Albert Cuyp Market:

Camino a Albert Cuypmarkt, Ámsterdam

We recommend returning to the street Vijzelstraat and from here taking Reguliersbreestraat to Rembrandtplein, a square named in memory of the famous painter. It's another hot spot for night life in Amsterdam, full of cafés and balconies especially popular in the summer months. It's also well known for its gay bars. Continue south down Reguliersgracht and finally take ...

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Jordaan Amsterdam

Once you finish your visit to the Anne Frank House, continue down Prisengracht. At the intersection with Liliegracht you'll find the Spanjer en Van Twist, ideal for having a small beer (2.30€) on the terrace situated directly over the canal. If it's not a good time for the terrace it's better to continue a bit further up the Street and on the left side you have the ...

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Spui Square:

This small and relatively peaceful square is situated in the center of the old city. Spreading along Spui street, it's surrounded by libraries and book cafés and is an important cultural center of the city. In this square you can find the kegendary café Hoppe (Spui 18-20, the authentic one is the one on the right). You can't miss seeing the interior and having a ...

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Way to Spui square:

Camino plaza Spui, Ámsterdam

Once you leave the museum neighborhood, start to return north on the Street Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, a Street named for it's Antique dealers. If it's a winter day, you can't miss making a visit to nearby Café de Wetering (Weteringstraat 37, between Tweede Weteringdwarsstraat and Derde Weteringdwarsstraat). A local place almost hidden and crowded by locals where you can ...

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Night Life in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is a city with a lot of young people and a lot of nightlife. The most famous clubs are: Melkweg: next to Plaza Leideplein (Lijbaansgracht 234 A). De Melkweg is situated in what used to be a milk factory (hence it's name - The Milky Way). It has two different rooms that are divided between rock and dance music. It's also very normal for the venue to host ...

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