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Dutch food:

In Amsterdam it's very typical to have a picnic on Saturday afternoons. Many Dutch get food to go in the Albert Cuypstraat Market and take it to the parks to eat it. There's an infinite number of things to eat in the Market, but without doubt the most "Dutch" is raw herring. You can buy herring sandwiches with pickles at any specialized stand (broodje haring, €3.00), then buy some pieces of gouda (at some stands, they sell it already sliced, 9 pieces for €5.00) and finish it off with some fresh fruit or juice. It will be one of the most authentic lunches possible! Further down we show you where to have the picnic.

From here bike or take the tram to the Vondelpark, which is very nice on Saturdays (on tram take first the 16 or the 24 towards Museumplein and then the 3 or the 12 towards Van Baerlestraat).