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Recommended books and movies:

Below is a list of novels and movies we recommend reading and seeing before your trip, or even during it. They aren't travel books or never-ending historical works, but Way Away personal recommendations that will help you to enjoy your trip even more: 

  • "Lost in Translation": The movie that catapulted Sofía Coppola to fame as a director. A good way to immerse yourself in 21st century Tokyo. Buy the movie Lost In Translation for £4.29
  • "The Last Samurai": Starring Tom Cruise, it tells the story of the end of the era of the Samurais at the close of the 19th century. We know that film buffs undoubtedly prefer "The Seven Samurais" by master director Akira Kurosowa and that the "Last Samurai" might seem overly commercial, but it's an entertaining way to get an idea of how this important social caste lived in Japan. Buy the movie The Last Samurai for £3.54
  • "Memoirs of a Geisha": There is no better way to understand what geishas were and how they lived than by reading this book. You can also see the movie, which is very true to the book. Buy the book Memoirs of a geisha for £6.99 and/or Buy the movie Memoirs of a geisha for £4.99

Blogs about Japan for reading and get inspired:
  • Shoot Tokyo: Dave is a good photographer. Check out his pictures before travelling to Tokyo to dive into the Japanese culture!
  • Cooking In Japan: Kirsten is a Canadian expat living in Tokyo. She writes about food and in her blog you'll find great healthy recipes.
  • Muza-chan's Gate to Japan: includes: travel notes on visiting Japan, travel reviews, sightseeing, tourist attractions, historical and cultural facts, travel photos and travel tips around Japan.
  • Shangai Expat: events, news, discounts, forums, blogs and more. Useful webpage to keep yourself entertained learning about Japan. 
  • Haikugirl's Japan: Ali is from England and lives and writes about Japan. If you are from the UK and want to know about Japanese culture, Ali writes about events that take place in the UK! Start warming up for your next trip to Asia!