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What to do and see in Nara

Visit to Kofukuji Temple:

Templo Kofukuji

Brief description: was moved to Nara form Kyoto in 710 as the main temple of the Fujiwara family. It is one of the oldest and most historic temples of Japan. But the fires and disasters that suffered left its 175 original buildings in just a dozen. Its famous three and five floors pagodas are the main attraction of this sanctuary and one of the great icons of the ...

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Visit to Todaiji Temple:

Todaiji, Nara, Japón

Brief description: despite having been rebuilt twice due to fires, Todaiji temple remains the world's largest wood construction. Inside the main temple, Daibutsuden, we find a Big Buddha protected by two sculptures and accompanied by pictures of other deities and protector kings. The statue was built for the first time in the year 746 and, with its 16 meters high, is ...

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Visit to Kasuga Temple:

 Templo Kasuga

Brief description: the largest Shinto temple in Nara that, located in one of the most remote areas of the park, may go unnoticed. As it remains an active temple you may find religious ceremonies during your visit. But the most beautiful thing of Kasuga are its ceiling and the over 300 lanterns hanging from it, forming authentic avenues of lights. They are lit up ...

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Visit to Fushimi Inari Shrine:

Fushimi Inari, Japón

Brief description: back to Kyoto, you have to stop at Inari and visit its amazing Shinto shrine. The temple, dedicated to the Shinto God of rice, is beautiful in itself, but is primarily known for the trails marked by thousands of red torii gates, that start from its back and reach the top of the mountain. They became famous by appearing in the film Memoirs of a ...

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