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What to do and see in Kanazawa

Visit Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa:

Jardín Kenrokuen

Brief description: Said to be the most beautiful garden in all Japan with bridges, lakes, waterfalls, trees and flowers. These are the old gardens of Kanazawa castle. If you get there before 17.00, go for a walk. If not, leave it for the following day as it is worth seeing in the light. The path will take you by the Contemporary Art Museum, which is well worth looking ...

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Visit to Nagamachi Samurai District:

Distrito Samurai Nagamachi

Brief description: Samurai district from the feudal period, next to Kanazawa castle. It still preserves its air of history and the stately architecture of the houses remains intact. It is worth wandering around and visiting one of the restored houses, which still have all the tools that reflect the way of life of the Samurai at the time they were a prosperous class. ...

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Visit Shirakawago:


Brief description: village of 16th century family farms with UNESCO World Heritage status. In Japanese, the farms are called Gassho-zukuri, which means "built as praying hands", so called because they resemble the praying hands of Buddhist monks. Duration of visit: 2 hrs Opening times: open from 9.00-17.00. Observation: it is a good idea to do the whole trip on ...

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