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Where to stay: Hotels in Kyoto

Recommended hotel in Kyoto:

  • Smart Choice: Karasuma Kyoto Hotel.
  • Smart Link: Book using the Hotel's website. It is at least 15% cheaper than any search engine and requires no advance payment.
  • Price: 15.000¥ (115€-102£)  double room/night without breakfast.
  • Address: DireKarasuma Shiyjo Shimogyo, Kyoto 600-8412. Tel. No. +81 75 371 0111. Email:
  • How to get there: Upon arriving in Kyoto station, take the metro (Karasuma line) to Shijo (two stops after the railway station). If you leave by the South exit, No. 6, you will see a Starbucks just beside the hotel (10 min. - 210¥).
  • Description: Very Japanese, minimalist yet comfortable. Very well located beside a metro station. It has a Starbucks just next door, which is ideal for breakfast!
  • See Karasuma Kyoto Hotel at TripAdvisor.

Otros hoteles recomendados:

Basic Choice:

Premium Choice:

  • Zizi: 20.000-30.000¥ (180-200€) spaciuos room with two double beds. Beautiful boutique hotel with tradicional Japanese style. We love it. Located in Higashiyama Ward old district, very close to Gion district. Book at
  • Kyoto Hotel Okura: 25.000¥  (aprox. 195€-170£) double room without breakfast. Nice hotel with big rooms and great views to the city and the mountains. Well situated in a nice area next to the river, although you will have to walk more than from our Smart Choice Hotel in order to get to the commercial area. Book through Japanican or thru the website (pre-paid offers, you can find the room for 16.800¥, what is about 130€ - 115£) or See Kyoto Hotel Okura at TripAdvisor.
Backpacker choice:
  • Ryokan Hostel Gion: 3.500¥ (aprox. 30€) bed in shared room. They also have family rooms with private bathroom for 150€ per night. Súper beautiful hostel very well located in the Gion district. Book at
  • The Pocket Hotel Kyoto Shijo Karasuma: 7.000¥ (aprox. 60€) private bed. Very simple hostel but spotless. Very well located in the center. Shared bathrooms. Family rooms available for 80-90€ per night. Book at

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