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Where to stay: Hotels in Hiroshima

Recommended hotel in Hiroshima:

  • Smart Choice: Comfort Hiroshima Otemachi.
  • Smart Link: you sometimes get a better price by making the reservation from Kayak, even if it does forward you to the Hotel's website.
  • Price: 8.400¥ (approx. 65€-58£) double room/night with breakfast and Wi-Fi.
  • Address: 3-7-9 Otemachi Naka-ku, Hiroshima, 730-0051 (see map). Tel. No. (81) 82 545 7811. Email:
  • How to get there: upon arrival at Hiroshima railway station, leave through the south exit and take tram number 1. Get off at Chunden Mae and walk along the pavement in the same direction as the tramline for about 20 metres until you reach the hotel.
  • Description: business hotel, minimalist but very comfortable. Very well located next to a tram station. Good self-service breakfast with long opening times. Washing machines.
  • See Comfort Hiroshima Otemachi at TripAdvisor.

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