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Where to eat: Restaurants in Nara

Lunch in Nara:

Nara, Japón

Nara has one of the best sushi bars in all Japan! The Kaiten Sushi Totogin restaurant has a typical rolling-bar with rotating dishes but the quality is excellent! The dishes you accumulate are added up to calculate the bill. Price varies according to colour. If you cannot see what you want, then order it directly from the chef, who will prepare it for you. Don't miss out on the tuna makis with mayonnaise!

To get there, follow the map indications to Kintetsu-Nara station. Then turn left along a street with shops covered by arcades. The Kaiten Sushi Totogin is on the ground floor, 5 or 10 metres further ahead on the left.

The cost varies, depending on what you eat, but tends to come out at around 1,000¥ per person.

When you finish, pay a visit to Sanjodori Street, one of the busiest and liveliest. Don't leave without trying the green tea ice cream (200¥).