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What to do and see in Kyoto

Visit to the Imperial Palace:

Palacio Imperial de Kioto

Brief description: former Palace of the Emperor when Kyoto was the capital of Japan. It includes several buildings in a sober architectural style. The visit is very interesting. Duration of visit: 1 hr Opening days: Tuesday to Sunday. 9.00 to 17.00 (April to August), 9.00 to 16.30 (September and March), 9.00 to 16.00 (October to February). Admission ends 40 ...

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Visit to Nijo Castle:

Castillo de Nijo, Kioto, Japón

Brief description: this castle was built in the early XVII century. Although at that time Tokyo was the capital of Japan, the Imperial Court remained in Kyoto. Over time the castle suffered injuries until it was abandoned. Built according to the canons of the architecture of the Edo period, Nijo has several buildings, all of them protected by walls and moats in order ...

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Visit to Kinkakuji Temple (Temple of the Golden Pavilion):

 Templo Kinkakuji (Templo Dorado)

Brief description: is one of the most famous temples in the city and, as its name indicates (Golden Temple), the Kinkakuji external walls are lined with gold. Unesco declared it a World Heritage in 1994. It's a great example of the Zen architecture and geomancy, which consists of organizing the items so that the energy and spirit flow of the surroundings, is ...

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Visit to Sanjusangendo Temple:

 templo Sanjusangendo

Brief description: known worldwide by its 1001 Kannons statues, the temple dates from the XII century. Also known in Japan as Kanzeon, Kannon is the most popular Buddhist deity of the Far East, a symbol of piety and mercy. She is represented in many ways, but the most common is with multiples head and arms in order to observe and help everyone. Despite being a popular ...

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Visit to Kiyomizudera Temple:

 Templo Kiyomizudera

Brief description: built in 798, Kiyomizudera is known as the Temple of Pure Water due to the Otowa-no-taki fountain with healing properties that rests under the terrace. The magnificent complex is composed of twenty buildings, being the Jishu Shrine the most famous of all of them. Dedicated to Okuninushino - Mikoto, god of love and good marriages, the temple has two ...

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Visit to Ginkakuji Temple:

Templo Ginkakuji, Tokio

Brief description: also known as the silver pavilion, Ginkakuji is a beautiful Buddhist Zen temple located at the Higashiyama area. It was built in 1474 as the retirement place of shōogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa, who ordered its construction to imitate the beauty of Kinkakuji, the temple covered of gold his grandfather had built years ago. Despite its name, the temple was ...

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Visit to the Gion district:

distrito de Gion

Brief description: geisha district. Shopping area with thousands of shops and restaurants. The best thing to do is to pick up a map at the hotel and wander the streets. Duration of visit: 3 hrs Observations: the street parallel to the river (Shirakawa channel) is the most famous. Geishas in their traditional costumes can be seen here. How to get there: on ...

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Visit to Nishiki fish market:

Mercado del Pescado Nishiki

Brief description: a traditional Kyoto market specialized in everything related to food, but especially in local products of the region. You can find everything in their shops, from kitchen utensils to places to eat or buy precooked food. After visiting the market you should eat at any of their stalls: fresh or dried fish, high quality meat, traditional Japanese ...

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The tea ceremony (optional):

If you fancy a cultural experience, you can attend the tea ceremony. There is a very famous place in Kyoto called Room Ju-An (see reviews). They organize the tea ceremony following the Zen precepts. The setting is unique, in a Japanese garden, and they will explain the whole ceremony, so you can understand what's going on at all times. Takes about 1 hour and costs ...

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