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What to do and see in Hakone

Experience a genuine Japanese spa in Hakone:

Hakone, Japón

Brief description: Hakone is in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and is very famous for its hot springs and landscapes. Sleeping at one of its Ryokans is an experience you will never forget as it involves being immersed 100% in Japanese culture. Upon arrival, you will immediately be given your kimonos and clogs, in which you can walk around the whole enclosure. The ...

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Hakone, the lakes and mount Fuji:

 Monte Fuji

The best way to explore Hakone and enjoy the wonderful views of its surroundings, the lakes and Mount Fuji, is to take a circular trip on different means of transport. We have to say that this can be a very quite and long activity. If the day is cloudy (therefore you won't be able to see the Mount Fuji) and you are one of those people that love activity, then we ...

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From Hakone-Yumoto to Gora:

 Hakone-Yumoto a Gora

Brief description: this trip takes you through thick forests in which there are several hot springs. From Gora, it is a 5-min. walk from the station to Gora Park (botanical garden). Duration of visit: 35-min. journey + 30-min. visit. Cost: covered by the Hakone Free Pass. How to get there: take the return bus to Hakone-Yumoto from in front of the hotel. Then ...

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From Gora to Sounzan:

Brief description: a curious trip by funicular. Duration of trip: 10 min. Leaves every 20 min. Cost: covered by the Hakone Free Pass. How to get there: from Gora station.

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From Sounzan to Togendai:

Sounzan a Togendai

Brief description: this cable car trip offers some spectacular views of Mount Fuji (only on clear days of course!) and the whole natural park. Duration of trip: 30 min. Continuous departures. Cost: covered by the Hakone Free Pass. How to get there: from Sounzan station.

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From Togendai to Moto Hakone:

 Togendai a Moto Hakone

Brief description: this journey is made on a pirate ship! It also offers views of Mount Fuji and all the surroundings. You can get off at Hakone Machi instead of Moto Hakone if you wish, and walk to Moto Hakone in 20-30 min. Once at Moto Hakone, visit the Hakone Shrine: a temple hidden in the forest at the foot of Mount Hakone. Duration of trip: 50 min. Departures ...

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