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Where to stay: Hotels in Tokyo

Recommended hotel in Tokyo:

  • Smart Choice: Ochanomizu Hotel Shoryukan.
  • Smart Link: book at the best price at
  • Price: 11,500¥ (approx. 90€-65£) double room without breakfast.
  • Address: 101-0052 Prefectura de Tokio, Chiyoda-ku Kanda Ogawamachi 3-24 (see map). Tel. No. 81-3-3293-3001.
  • How to get there: from Tokyo station, take JR Chuo line and get off at Ochanumizu station. Once there go up to the street and take the big street that runs perpendicular to the train's rails (the one with the bridge but without crossing the river, in the opposite direction). Walk 3 blocks and turn left. Then take the first one to the right and afterwards the first one to the left until you reach the hotel. It's about 7-8 minutes walk from the station (15 min. by train - comprised in the JRP).
  • Description: the hotel is rather peculiar but it's good and the prices are really convenient for Tokyo. There are Western type of rooms and also Japanese style (with tatami and futon on the floor). Both have Western type of bathrooms, so if you want to save up money choose the Japanese one.
  • See Ochanomizu Hotel Shyorukan on TripAdvisor

Other recommended hotels:

Basic Choice:

  • Tokyu Stay Nihonbashi: 13,000¥ (approx. 100€-71£) double room with breakfast included. It's not in a central location but it's well connected to the metro and train lines, so if you find it at this price it's worth it, sometimes you might find it cheaper than that, take a look! It's basic but OK. If you book in advance you may get good offers. Get the best rate at: See reviews on TripAdvisor.
  • Ryumeikan Tokyo Hotel: 19,500¥ (approx. 150€-140£) double room without breakfast. We love it because it's just a few metres away from Tokyo station. It's the classic business hotel, very respectable. Book at the best price through See reviews on TripAdvisor.
  • Coco Grand Ueno Shinobazu Hotel: 20,100¥ (approx. 155€-140£) double room without breakfast. Just next to the Ueno Park and the JR stop. Rooms are small but nice. There are also rooms with beautiful views but these cost around 200€ per night. Get the best rate at See reviews on TripAdvisor.

Premium Choice:

  • Palace Hotel Tokyo: 52,900¥ (aprox. 400€-290£) double room without breakfast. Rooms are spacious and very well decorated. It's next to the Imperial Palace and close to the train stop. If you book in advance you may find rooms for a good price. Get the best rate at See reviews on TripAdvisor.
  • The Tokyo Station Hotel: 52,000¥ (aprox. 400€-365£)double room without breakfast. Lovely hotel and great location next to the Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace. Spacious and very well placed rooms. Get the best price at See reviews on TripAdvisor.  
  • Although if you really want to give yourself a treat and maybe see more than one celebrity, the most 'in' hotels in Tokyo are Mandarin Oriental y Shangri-La. But be ready to get your wallet out because it's hard to find a room for less than 500€ per night!

Backpacker Choice:

  • Mustard Hotel Asakusa: 10.500¥ (aprox. 80€) double room with ensuite bathroom and breakfast. Modern and super clean hostel. Very basic but perfectly correct. They also have bed options in shared bedrooms for about 5.000¥ (aprox. 40€). Very well located close to Asakusa temple. Their traditional Japanese baths are also an experience. Get the best rate at

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