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What to do and see in Takayama

Visit to Takayama Jinya (former government building):

Takayama Jinya

Brief description: it is a traditional Japanese building that was used as a government office during the Edo period, when the city was still under the control of the shōgun. Duration of visit: 30 min. Cost: 430¥ Opening times: from 8.30 to 17.00 (to 16.30 from November to February and to 18.00 in August). How to get there: on foot from the station. Head for ...

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Walk through the old part of Takayama:


Brief description: the historic old town of Takayama preserves several old buildings and houses dating from the Edo period, when it was still a thriving city of merchants. The southern part, especially Sannomachi street, has old private houses, souvenirs shops and coffee houses. It is nice to walk along the river and get lost through the streets of the ...

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Visit to Hida Folk Village Area (old Japanese village):

Hida Folk Village

Brief description: this typical Hida village was built in the outskirts of Takayama, reproducing buildings of the Shirakawa valley form the XVII, XVIII and XIX century. Hida Folk Village is an outdoor museum with more than 30 houses of farmers and other traditional buildings. The praying-hands-roofs were brought from the Shirakawago valley and are called Gassho - ...

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