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Beijing travel maps

Map of Beijing:

At the airport you will find a Tourist Center where to take a free map of Beijing. In case you forget to take it, don't worry. Normally all hotels have maps available. Besides in Beijing there are more than 20 Tourist Center. At the Wangfujing Station you have one of the most centric office. Anyway here you can download a map of the city center in PDF.

Mapa y plano Pekín

Orientation Map of Beijing:

Here you have a map for you to see the main attractions in Beijing; below you can see the detailed maps of each area of Beijing and our recommended itineraries.
  Map Pekin #onlyen #map

Map of Downtown Beijing:

In this map we point out the main attractions in the city center of Beijing. In our recommended routes around Beijing and China we'll tell you everything you need for every visit or activity you can't miss and we'll also tell you how to go from one to the next one. You can check our recommended routes around Beijig and China in the right side of this page.
  Map of Beijing. Beijing center #onlyen

From the Summer Palace to the Olympic Park by bike:

Here you have the bike route around Beijing that goes from the Summer Palace to the Olympic Park. In the recommended routes, we'll share with you eveything you need to enjoy the biking around this amazing city. You can check the recommended routes in the right side of this page.
  Map of Beijing. Summer Palace: Bicycle route #onlyen