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Where to stay: Hotels in Pingyao

Recommended hotel in Pingyao:

To experience Pingyao to the fullest, we recommend staying inside the Old City, preferably in one of the traditional hotels or hostels located in historic houses. Bring cash because most do not accept credit cards. 

  • Smart Choice: Pingyao Yide Hotel.
  • Description: wonderful traditional Chinese hotel on a quiet street close to the main street of Pingyao. With all the amenities of a hotel (even Wi-Fi), its decor is particularly noteworthy (all the furniture are Chinese antiques from the Qing and Ming dynasties). 
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  • Price: 395CNY (approx. 55€ / 40£) ensuite double room.
  • Address: 69 Yamen Street, Pingyao County, 031100, China. Tel: (010) 86-354-5685988. Email:
  • How to get there: you can walk from the train station (20 minutes). You can also arrange for them to pick you up at the station by sending an email with the date and time that your train arrives.
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