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What to do and see in Guilin-Yangshuo

Sightseeing and dinner in Yangshuo:


Have a look around this enchanting town. We recommend checking out People's Park (in front of the bus station), where you'll find many locals playing cards, chatting and knitting. Also, if you envisage having some extra time during your stay in Yangshuo or you're not interested in the suggested activities for the upcoming days, you can take advantage of the afternoon ...

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Yulong River:

Río Yulong, Yangshuo

The word "Yulong" can be translated as "finding a dragon". According to the legend, a dragon from the sea to the east reached the Yulong River and, impressed by the beauty of the landscape, decided to stay here forever. The inhabitants along the river claimed to have seen the dragon on various occasions, hence its name. When you come to the river and see the spectacular ...

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Moon Hill:

Moon Hill, China

When you get off the boat, head towards Moon Hill, so called because of the hole in the middle in the shape of a half moon. If you have the strength, walk up the 800 steps to the top. The views from above are absolutely magnificent (1 hr, 9CNY). Returning to Yangshuo from here will take about 30 minutes by bicycle.

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Li River: from Yangdi to Xingping

Río Li

The Li River runs from Guilin to Yangshuo. Some people take a cruise between these two points but we don't recommend it, for, not only is it expensive, it's, frankly, something of a bore. The most spectacular part of the river is the section that flows from Yangdi to Xingping. Small motorboats owned by farmers make the trip between these two points. They are unlicensed, ...

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Longshen Rice Terraces (Longji):

Terrazas arroz Longji, Guilin, China

This province is famous for its rice plantations, which are sown in the mountains and form different terraces. The most beautiful ones are in the municipality of Longshen, north of Guilin, and even more specifically, those on the mountain in Longji (Dragon-Backed Mountain). Entrance fee to the park is 80CNY. Any season of the year is recommendable for visiting, even ...

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Water Cave:

Around Yangshuo are many caves where you can take day trips. The best is Real Water Cave, very close to Moon Hill. You'll like it because in addition to the grottoes and stalagmites, it has a kind of mud pool and a series of warm-water currents where you can bath. The trip takes about 3 hours. As you'll need a guide, you'll have to arrange and negotiate the trip in the ...

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Musical on the river: "Impression on Sanjie Liu"

This musical deals with the relations between peasants and landowners in ancient China. It is a light and sound show with more than 500 actors, with the natural area where the Li River and Yu Long River intersect as a stage. It lasts for an hour (first run at 19:45 and second run at 21:20) and the regular seat costs 198CNY. It's best to reserve tickets in advance to get ...

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