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Where to stay: Hotels in Shangai

Recommended hotel in Shanghai:

Shanghai is a city of immense proportions. Hotels in the centre are quite expensive, with rates starting at 150€, but as you move away from the city centre, you can find good hotels at very cheap rates. The Shanghai metro system is superb. You'll want to take advantage of it continually to get from place to place. We therefore also recommend choosing a cheaper hotel somewhat removed from the city centre but close to a metro station.

  • Smart Choice: Astor House Hotel.
  • Description: while somewhat old and offering only basic services, this hotel is a real bargain given its location. Situated at the end of the famous Bund, it is located in a historical building on the river. The closest metro stop is 15 minutes away, but you can walk to the Bund easily.
  • Smart Link: you'll find the best rates at Agoda.
  • Price: 460-575CNY(approx. 50-62€ / 44-55£) double room.
  • Address: 15 Huangpu Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200080, China.
  • How to get there: take the Maglev to Longyang Road Station (8min, 50CNY) and from there, take a taxi to the hotel (15min, 50CNY).

Other recommended hotels in Shanghai:

Basic Choice:
  • Hotel Asset: 250CNY (approx. 30€ - 25£) double room with breakfast inclded. Very modern, very respectable hotel. Rather removed from the centre but close to a metro stop (7 minutes on foot). People's Square is a 20-minute metro ride from here. See Asset Hotel at TripAdvisor and book at
  • Albergue Shanghai Blue Mountain: 221-250CNY double room with private bathroom (approx. 27-30€ / 22-25£). Basic but respectable backpacker lodging. Quite removed from the city centre but located in front of a metro station. 15 minutes from People´s Square. See Blue Mountain Youth Hostel at TripAdvisor and book at Hostel World.

Premium Choice: Recommended hotel search engine for Shanghai: