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How to get China

Flight to China

Arrival and departure city:

For this route we recommend entering and leaving the country through Shanghai, the economic capital of China and located on the east coast. Airports:
  • Shanghai Pudong (PVG): focusing on international flights.
  • Shanghai HongQiao (SHA): focusing on domestic flights (and some flights coming from Japan and South Corea).

Low cost airlines flying to Shanghai:

There are no low cost airlines offering flights from Europe to China. Only Cebu Pacific offers low-cost flights to Beijing from other cities in Southeast Asia and from Osaka (Japan).

â??Smart Links for booking flights:

Take a look at connections on SkyScanner first. This website shows all the airlines that fly to Shangai and re-directs you to the webpage offering the best rates (including airlinesâ?? websites).

â??Approximate prices of flights to Shanghai from Europe's main cities :

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