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What to do and see in Datong

Visit to the Yungang Grottoes:

Grutas de Yungang Datong

Brief description: area known as the Chinese Petra. A series of caves with different images of Buddha carved and sculpted into the rock. The most famous caves are caves 16 to 20, but we also recommend visiting number 5. You don't need to visit the rest one by one; stroll about and if you have time and are interested, go in. Duration of visit: 1hr 30min. Hours: ...

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Visit to Hanging Monastery:

Monasterio Colgante, Datong, China

Brief description: intriguing monastery literally hanging from a 50-metre-high cliff. It's worth visiting the area and going up to the monastery (not recommended for people with vertigo!). Duration of visit: 1h30min. Hours: 9:00 to 17:00. Cost: 125CNY in low season & 130CNY in high season. How to get there: 1 hour from caves in hired taxi.

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Visit to Shanhua Temple:

Shanhua Temple

Brief description: located next to the south gate of the ancient city walls, Shanhua Buddhist Temple - also known as South Temple - was built during the reign of the Tang Dynasty (VIII century). However, most of the buildings that can be seen today date from the late XII century, as the temple was destroyed at the end of the Liao Dynasty. Considered one of the best ...

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Visit to Huayan Monastery:

Huayan Monastery

Brief description: considered one of the best preserved monuments of China, Huayan Monastery is a visit you should not miss. In fact, this monastery is an evidence of the Liao Dyansty's love for Buddhism, which encouraged them to build many other monasteries. The Huayan Monastery consists of two sections: the Superior temple, which we highly recommend for the Buddha ...

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Visit to Nine-Dragon Wall:

Nine-Dragon Wall, Datong

Brief description: it was one of the sons of the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty who ordered the construction of the oldest and longest Chinese ceramic mural in the late XIV century. Nine Chinese dragons are formed with the 426 tiles that build the wall. Due to the fact that it is a representative symbol of the Emperor, it is common to find this type of murals in ...

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Stroll through Datong Park:

In the afternoon, you can go for a walk in Datong Park. There is nothing of particular interest about the park itself, but it's a good way to see locals leading their everyday lives. Its small amusement park is also nice.

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