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Where to stay: Hotels in Xian

Recommended hotel in Xian:

In Xi'an you can find outstanding hotels at European rates, but also standard ones at very attractive prices. It's best to stay inside the walled city, where there's more atmosphere, and as close as possible to the Bell Tower. This way, you'll be able to walk to many places (by "walled city", we don't mean a medieval town, or anything even close. Rather it's a modern city in which the historical wall still stands).  

Other recommended hotels in Xian: 

Premium Choice:

Basic Choice:

  • Skytel Xi'an: 300CNY double room, breakfast not included (approx. 40€ / 30£). Basic and respectable, this simple hotel is very well siutated close to the Bell Tower. Book at China Trip. See Skytel Xi'an at TripAdvisor.
  • 7 Sages International Youth Hostel: 111CNY double room with private bathroom, breakfast not included (approx. 15€-11£). Simple youth hostel with history. The good thing is you can walk there from the train station. Unfortunately, altough it's located inside the walled city, it's a 30-mimnute walk to the Bell Tower. Book at HostelWorld. See 7 Sages International Youth Hostel at TripAdvisor.
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