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Where to eat: Shanghai Restaurants

Lunch in the Bazaar:

Bazaar Shanghai

Outside the Yuyuan gardens, right next to them, is the Bazaar, a lively shopping and recreational area. The purely Oriental style of the architecture is striking. You can buy everything here, including high-end chopsticks, but don't forget to bargain! For lunch we recommend trying any of the snacks sold in the street. The famous Lan Shian Restaurant, a steam bumps (meat ...

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Dinner in the Bund:

In the Bund, you have a multitude of places to choose from for dinner. If you want to treat yourself to something nice, we recommend the very famous M on the Bund, which is expensive for China but the food is delicious and the views and ambience are stunning. It's also a meeting place for ex-pat Westerners working in Shanghai. It will cost you about 600CNY per person. ...

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Dinner in the French Concession:

Tonight we recommend strolling about the pleasant area of the French Concession. This neighbourhood of small houses is filled with restaurants, trendy shops and lots of charm. To get there, take the metro, get off at the South Shangxi Rd stop, and on this street start walking north. In addition to South Shangxi Rd, Xin Le Road (on the left at the beginning of Shangxi) ...

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