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What to do and see in Chengdu

Visit to Whenshu Monastery:

 Whenshu Monastery

Brief description: dedicated to Whenshu, the God of Wisdom, this is one the the most active temples in Chengdu. It consists of five buildings and all the monastery breathes a magical and mythological atmosphere. For all kind of tastes, Whenshu contains fragments of paintings, sutras and buddha statues made of iron, bronze, stone and wood. But what captures our ...

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Visit to the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding:

Oso panda Chengdu

Brief description: as it is very difficult to observe pandas in the wild, the next best thing is visiting this breeding and research centre. Here the natural habitat of panda bears has been reproduced in order to guarantee the survival of the species. In the same centre, you can also see other species in danger of extinction. We recommend arriving early in the morning ...

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Sightseeing on Jinli Ancient Street:

Jinli Ancient Street

Very close to Wuhou Temple is Jinli Street. Very popular both with tourists and locals (especially in the afternoon), this street features buildings in the traditional Chinese style. Here you'll find antique shops, souvenirs and books, and more than anything, tons of stands offering cheap snacks.

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Visit to Qingyang Temple:

Brief description: despite the fact that it is not one of the most beautiful temples in China, we recommend it because it is an example of the Taoist philosophy. Following the principles of Yin and Yang, the temple was built during the Tang Dynasty, so not all structures that can be seen today remain original. It is fun to watch the locals visiting the palace in the ...

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Visit to Wuhou Memorial Temple (Wuhou Ci):

Brief description: located in the southern district of Chengdu and rebuilt in 1672, Wuhou is one of the temples that was built in honor of the thinker Zhuge Liang, also known as the Sleeping Dragon for his genius. It is worth spending some of our time to contemplate the beauty of the temple, which can take you to a state of complete melancholy and loneliness due to ...

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Sightseeing on Chunxi Road:

Chunxi Road

Shopping street par excellence, also known as the Champs Elysees of Chengu. Here you'll find all kinds of things, including Western brands, at very low prices. In addition, you can observe the Chinese in full selling and haggling mode! It's in the centre, close to Tianfu Square. Take a taxi from the exit of the breeding centre (20 minutes, 25-30CNY).

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