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Visit to Shanhua Temple:

Shanhua Temple

  • Brief description: located next to the south gate of the ancient city walls, Shanhua Buddhist Temple - also known as South Temple - was built during the reign of the Tang Dynasty (VIII century). However, most of the buildings that can be seen today date from the late XII century, as the temple was destroyed at the end of the Liao Dynasty. Considered one of the best examples of traditional Chinese religious architecture, the spiritual and solemn temple consists of three buildings: the lounge Da Xiong Bado Dian, the Hall of the Three Saints and the front door. Besides these three halls, the temple has beautiful gardens you should not miss. 
  • Duration of visit: 30 min.
  • Hours: 8:00 to 17:30 (18:00 in summer). 
  • Cost: 50CNY.
  • How to get there: walking on the western side of Xiaonan Street. 

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