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Longshen Rice Terraces (Longji):

Terrazas arroz Longji, Guilin, China

This province is famous for its rice plantations, which are sown in the mountains and form different terraces. The most beautiful ones are in the municipality of Longshen, north of Guilin, and even more specifically, those on the mountain in Longji (Dragon-Backed Mountain). Entrance fee to the park is 80CNY. Any season of the year is recommendable for visiting, even though the landscape undergoes a radical change depending on the season, it is always spectacular!

In addition to the gorgeous views of the rice fields, in this area you can also visit towns inhabited by such ethnic minorities as the Miao, Yao, Dong and Zhuang. Yao women, in Longji, are famous for having the longest hair in the world. They never cut their hair, which is coiled up on top of their heads like a turban. Visiting the village is free, though they usually ask 10CNY for photos.

To get to the mountain in Longji, it's best to arrange for a taxi to take you from the hotel (250-300CNY) to the Longji terraces, Yao village, and then to the airport to catch your flight. Leave early in the morning; it's a two-hour trip, another 3-4 hours for visiting the rice fields and the village, and more than 1 hour back to the airport.