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Yulong River:

Río Yulong, Yangshuo

The word "Yulong" can be translated as "finding a dragon". According to the legend, a dragon from the sea to the east reached the Yulong River and, impressed by the beauty of the landscape, decided to stay here forever. The inhabitants along the river claimed to have seen the dragon on various occasions, hence its name. When you come to the river and see the spectacular views, you'll understand why the dragon decided never to leave!

We recommend renting a bicycle from any of the stands on West Street (5-10CNY per day, 20CNY if it's new). You can do it with or without a guide. If you'd like a guide, ask the hotel to recommend a good one (50-60CNY). Always make sure the bicycle is in good condition before heading off (brakes, gears, comfortable seat...).

Head up the Yulong River on a path that leads to Yulong Bridge, close to the village of Baisha (1 hr 30 min). In addition to the views, you'll pass through several very interesting villages.

Once on Yulong Bridge, rent a boat (100-150CNY), which will take you and the bicycle downriver to Moon Hill Bridge (3 hr). In summer, it is highly recommended to ask the boatman to point out places where you can go for a swim. Along the way, aside from the landscape, you'll see ancient bridges and local inhabitants. Near the end of the trip, look out also for Big Banyan Tree, a 17-metre high and 7 metre-wide tree, which was planted 1,400 years ago. 

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