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Visit to the Ancient City of Pingyao:

Pingyao, China

  • Brief description: UNESCO declared this small walled city a World Heritage Site in 1997. When you're walking its streets, it seems like you've wandered onto a movie set. Though tourism is sharply on the rise, it hasn't lost its charm and is worth visiting if only to get an idea of what life in ancient China was like. Inside the walled city are numerous museum-houses and temples that you can visit. We recommend buying the ticket that includes all the attractions (not the audio guide, which is quite heavy and not worth it), though it isn't necessary to visit all of them. It's best to wander about and simply visit the houses that grab your attention. In any event, below we point out things you won't want to miss. You'll have plenty of time to visit the main points of interest, so take your time and enjoy!
    • The Wall. Bird's eye view of the city, with its interesting layout and roofs. 
    • Ri Shengchang Money Exchange Museum.
    • El Qingxu Taoist Temple, located in the northern part of Dong Da Jie.
    • Temple of the City God. To the southeast. One of the few of its kind left in China. Devoted to Tao and Confucius. 
    • Temple of Confucius, located in the South Gate.
    • County Government Office Compound (for seeing period curiosities).
    • Exit through South Gate (Yingxun Gate) for another view of the city. 
  • Length of visit: 4-6 hr.
  • Cost: the combined ticket costs 150CNY and pays off (entering the Ancient City is free).
  • How to get there: you can walk everywhere. Cars are not permitted in the Ancient City (you can rent a bike or hire a rickshaw, but, unless you're very tired, it's not necessary).


Mapa de China. Pingyao