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Australia travel advice and trip tips

Travel tips Australia (travel advice):


In Australian restaurants and bars, it is customary to leave a 10-20% tip, depending on the quality of the service. 

Language in Australia:

The official language of Australia is English, though spoken with a unique accent with heavy emphasis on the letter "a". 

Time zones in Australia:

Australia has 3 time zones:

  • EST (Eastern Standard Time) for eastern territories (Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne) = GMT + 9h.
  • CST (Central Standard Time) for northern and southern territories (Darwin, Ayers Rock) = GMT + 8h30min.
  •  WST (Western Standard Time) for western territories (Perth) = GMT + 7h.

Note: GMT = London, GMT+1 = Madrid...

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Oddly enough, most of the hotels in Australia charge to use the WIFI. That is why it is highly recommended to buy a prepaid card to use internet on your tablet or smartphone. To do this, once in Australia enter the first Telstra or Virgin Mobile store that you see, and ask for "prepaid mobile broadband." For AU $ 30 you'll get a SIM card with which you can surf the net for a month (show them your device to ensure compatibility).