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Where to stay: Hotels in Sidney

Recommended hotel in Sydney:

  • Smart Choice: Meriton Kent St Service Apartments.
  • Smart Link: book at their website. Best rate guaranteed on-line.
  • Price: 155-175 AU$ depending on whether its their winter or their summer (approx. 105-120€ / 94-105£) studio for 2. Attention: rates tend to go up on the weekend and in December and January!
  • Address: 534 Kent St., Sydney 2000, Australia. E-mail:
  • How to get there: a taxi from the airport will cost you 50AU$ + 2.5 AU$ for tolls. It's the easiest option (the airport link train costs 15 AU$ per person plus a taxi to the hotel; which means you'll be paying more or less the same price for a much less comfortable ride).
  • Description: luxury apartment-hotels well situated near Darling Harbour. The apartments are impeccable and have all the accessories to make you feel at home, including a fully equipped kitchen and everything you need for doing the laundry. In addition the building has a heated indoor pool, a gym and a spa. From here, you can walk to all the major points of interest in Sydney.
  • See Meriton Kent St Service Appartments at TripAdvisor.

Other recommended hotels:

Below is a more extensive list of hotels than we normally give you, since availability is often a problem in Sydney. There are listed in order of desirability.

Premium choice:

  • Y on the Park: 155-182 AU$ (approx. 110-126€ / 94-110£) double room with bathroom, breakfast included. Bed & Breakfast with hotel facilities. There are cheaper rooms with a shared bathroom (the bathrooms are immaculate). The best thing is its location on one of the corners of Hyde Park, which means you can easily walk anywhere. It's also next to Museum Station, so the airport link from the airport drops you practically at its door (15 AU$ per person). Book at their website. See Y on the Park at TripAdvisor.
  • The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel: 190 AU$ (approx. 130€-115£) double room with bathroom, breakfast included. They also have cheaper rooms with a shared bathroom. Very well located in the The Rocks area and interestingly situated in a brewery. Book at their website. See The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel at TripAdvisor.
Basic choice: Recommended search engine for Sydney: Booking.