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What to do and see in Hervey Bay

Day trip to Fraser Island:

Isla Fraser

Brief description: Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. Its landscapes, beaches, forest and animals make it a very popular destination inside Australia. Lodging on the island is very expensive, and the cheapest options are generally of poor quality. For this reason we recommend taking the day tour out of Hervey Bay and exploring the island this ...

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Humpback whale cruise:

Ballenas Jorobadas

Brief description: Hervey Bay is one of the best places to see the Humpback whales that approach Australian coasts from the end of July until November. To see them, you have to take one of the cruises out of Hervey Bay. Between August and October, a sighting is guaranteed! Hours: we recommend taking the half-day tour that departs in the afternoon (13:00-14:00 ...

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