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Where to stay: Hotels in Magnetic Island

Recommended hotel in Magnetic Island:

  • Smart Choice: Arcadia Beach Guest House.
  • Smart Link: book or Agoda, this one has better prices!
  • Price: 74AU$ (approx. 50€-40£) double bungalow with shared bathroom (private bathroom double price). 
  • Address: 27 Marine Parade, 4819 Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island. Email:
  • How to get there: when you get to Nelly Bay, go out of the port and take the first one on the right in the round about (towards Arcadia Road). The hotel is in front of the beach.
  • Description: it's really more of a campsite than a hotel, but it's the best value-for-money option we could find on the island (higher quality accommodations are much, much more expensive). The bungalows are nice, though the bathrooms are not indoors.
  • See Arcadia Beach Guest House at TripAdvisor.

Other recommended hotels:

Basic choice:

Premium choice:

  • Pure Magnetic: 410 AU$ villa per night (approx. 265€-225£). Very luxurious. Villas with all the amenities you'd expect in a luxury hotel. Each villa has two double rooms with a bathroom. If you're travelling with another couple, the price ends up being not so bad. See Pure Magnetic at TripAdvisor and book at their website. 
Recommended hotel search engine for Magnetic Island: Booking and Agoda, this one normally has better prices.