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Cost to travel to Australia

Currency in Australia:

The Australian currency is the Australian dollar. €1 is approximately AU$1.45. £1 is the equivalent of approximately AU$1.65.

Most places take credit cards, though we recommend taking Australian dollars from your country of origin. Calculate about AU$20 a day per person. 

See updated exchange rate.

Cost of travel in Australia (budget):

  • Flight: €1000-1,200 // £835-1,000
  • Domestic travel (buses, train, rental car): AU$35 per day and person (approx. €25 - £21)
  • Domestic travel (planes for some trips): AU$850 per person on our recommended routes (approx. €555 - £470).
  • Activities: AU$30 per day and person (approx. €20 - £19).
  • Food: AU$50 per day and person (approx. €35 - £30)
  • Lodging: AU$120 per night for a double room (approx. €80 - £68)

For a 21-day trip, the total cost is approximately AU$4,500 per person (approx. €3,000 / £2,510) plus the cost of the airline ticket to Australia.

If you travel for 14 days, the total cost is around AU$3,200 per person (approx. €2,100 / £1,800) plus the price of the ticket. 

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