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What to do and see in Cairns

Exploring the Great Barrier Reef:

Gran barrera de coral Abajo, Cairns, Australia

Cairns is one of the best places from which to explore Australia's Great Barrier Reef: the longest coral reef in the world (2000 km). While it's expensive, this day trip is a definite must!!! Whether scuba diving or simply snorkelling, you'll see an incredible variety of marine life, coral and, with any luck, sharks! Don't worry; the sharks that frequent these warm ...

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Day trip to the Great Barrier Reef:

la gran barrera de coral

Every day, dozens of boats leave the port for the Great Barrier Reef on scuba diving and snorkelling day trips. For this service we recommend Silver Series. They aren't the cheapest but their facilities and equipment are first rate. The boats are new and equipped with technology that keeps movement of the craft to a minimum, avoiding seasickness. Onboard breakfast and ...

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Day trip to the Green Island:

Green Island

The Green Island is a coral cay situated in the Great Barrier Reef, 27km away from Cairns (45min by boat). We love its white sand beaches in contrast with the deep green rain forest. In the island, considered National Park, there is just one luxury resort. You can walk it in 10min. The aboriginal people say it used to be 4 times its current size so... run just in case ...

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Stroll through Cairns and swimming in the Lagoon:

Cairns y Lagoon

Cairns itself is not particularly beautiful, but it is one of the best spots on the coast from which to sail to the coral reef, which accounts for the liveliness of the city. We recommend leaving the hotel and strolling along the esplanade (promenade in front of the sea) until you reach the Lagoon, public pools with filtered seawater. There is no beach in Cairns but ...

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