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When to visit Australia

Weather in Australia:

The best time of year for travelling to Australia is from June to August if you plan to visit the entire Queensland coast, the centre and the north of the country and from September to May if your are focusing in the south and southeastern part of the country (Sydney and Melbourne).

The climate changes depending on the part of the country.
  • In the north the climate is tropical, so the temperature is more or less stable throughout the year (slightly warmer from December to February). They have a dry season (June to October) and a rainy or wet season (November to May).
  • In the rest of the country, summer is from December to February, with especially high temperatures in the centre of the country. The Australian winter is from June to August and is dry and cool (15º-18ºC). We recommend visiting during this time.

See weather forecast for the next 15 days.