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How to get around Darwin - Kakadu

From Darwin to Kakadu Park (245km / 152mi):

From Darwin to Kakadu Park (245km / 152mi):
  • Brief description: Kakadu Park is a World Heritage Site for both cultural and natural reasons. Here you'll find cave paintings by the first aborigines in Australia and will be able to observe many of the country's most emblematic species such as crocodiles and walaroos (a smaller, darker species of kangaroo) in their own natural habitat.
  • Recommendations: drive slowly and keep your eyes open! It's the best way to avoid missing anything interesting and being given a fright. Keep in mind that animals cross the road frequently, especially at night. Below we indicate the route step by step. In any event, be attentive as you can observe a lot of life at all times, particularly very early in the morning and towards afternoon (at midday the animals usually hide to avoid the heat).
  • Clothing: wear light clothing that covers your entire body. Flies and mosquitoes are common, and the sun is quite strong. Footwear should be appropriate and comfortable for walking through the countryside. While not essential, if you have binoculars bring them for better views of the scenery.
  • Best time to visit the park: the best time to visit the park is from July to August, during the dry season. It gets humid in September and October, which brings out the mosquitoes. The first rains are in November and December, while the wet season lasts from January to March (during this period it rains regularly and many of the roads in the park are closed). From May to June, while most of the roads are accessible, water levels are still high, which makes crossing them in a 4x4 a blast!
  • How to get there: take Arnhem Highway east from Darwin. This will take you straight to Kakadu Park. Follow the signs for the park first and then the signs for Jabiru. The hotel we recommend for the night is there. The idea is to arrive in Jabiru early, leave your suitcases at the hotel, and visit most of the park the same day. It's about a 3-hour drive from Darwin to Jabiru (don't leave later than 10 am or you'll risk missing the last Yellow Water cruise!).