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Where to stay: Hotels in Darwin

Recommended hotels in Darwin:

Hotels in Darwin are very expensive and of middling quality. For this reason, while our recommendations are not the greatest hotels in the world, the value for money is the best you'll find. There are cheaper hotels closer to the airport, but they are very far from the city centre and aren't worth it. The indicated rates are peak-season rates (Australian winter), which is the time we recommend visiting Kakadu.

  • Smart Choice: Value Inn.
  • Smart Link: best rates at
  • Price: from 150 AU$ (100 € / 84 £) double room with bathroom, breakfast not included.
  • Address: 50 Mitchell Street, Darwin, Australia 0801. Telephone number from Australia: 08 8981 4733. Telephone number from outside Australia: +61 8 8981 4733. Email:
  • How to get there: Airport shuttle (see Route tab for details)
  • Description: not great but clean, pleasant and, for Darwin, cheap. Most importantly, it's in the city centre and you can walk to the bars and restaurants. A little noisy on weekends.
  • See Value Inn at TripAdvisor.

Other recommended hotels in Darwin:

Basic Choice:

Premium choice: Recommended hotels search engine for Darwin: Booking.

Recommended hotel in Kakadu:

  • Smart Choice: Anbinik Kakadu Resort
  • Smart Link: you have to book reservations directly on the hotel's website. They'll charge a deposit to your VISA equivalent to the cost of a night. For the rest -if you're staying more than one night-, you pay when you get there. In case of cancellation more than 48 hours in advance, they return 90% of the deposit.
  • Price: 130 AU$ (approx. 83€-70£) double room / night, breakfast not included. A genuine steal compared with the rates of the other lodgings in the park!
  • Address: Lot 955 Lakeview Crescent, Jabiru NT Australia 0886. Telephone no. from Australia: 08 89793144. Telephone no. from outside Australia: +61 8 89793144. Email:
  • How to get there: Jabiru is around 250km east of Darwin. To get there, take Arnhem Highway from Darwin. This will take you directly to Jabiru (it is clearly indicated around Jabiru and Kakadu). When you arrive in Jabiru, there are signs indicating how to get to the different hotels.
  • Description: we recommended booking a room at Bush Bungalow: a kind of tent equipped with furniture that will immerse you in the natural surroundings of the park. The bathroom is outdoors but private. Free access to communal barbecue area (with several barbecues).
  • See Lakeview Park Kakadu at TripAdvisor.

Other recommended hotels in Kakado:

There aren't less expensive hotels than our Smart Choice in Kakadu.

Premium choice:

Recommended hotel search engine for Kakadu: Booking.