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What to do and see in Sidney

Visit to the Opera House:

Opera House

Brief description: perhaps the most famous and renowned modern theatre in the world! You might be slightly disappointed when you see it, as it's neither as white nor as big as it looks on TV, but it's still well worth the visit! The best views for taking pictures are from a boat in the bay or from the other side of the port, in The Rocks area, approaching the Sydney ...

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Bondi Beach:

Bondi Beach, Sidney

Brief description: the most famous beach in Sydney! Ideal for learning to surf. We recommend walking its length and back and why not, renting a surfboard and giving it a shot! In the Ben Buckler section (on the left facing the sea) is a lookout with gorgeous views of the entire coast. On the main street (Campbell) are tons of restaurants and take aways (if you want to ...

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Manly Beach:

Manly Beach

Brief description: Manly is a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Sydney, across the bay, and is famous for its beaches. One, a small beach on the bay, is very popular with families, while the other faces the ocean and is a famous spot for surfing. We recommend visiting both, though best of all is the ferry trip out to Manly. Board quickly and find a good seat on the ...

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Visit to The Rocks:

The Rocks

Brief description: The Rocks is the historic centre and origin of Sydney. It's worth strolling through its streets and admiring the old, historic buildings. It's also a great spot for views of the Opera House and the bay, as well as the impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge. How to get there: walking (5 min. from Circular Quay and 15 min. from our Smart Choice hotel).

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