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Where to stay: Hotels in Uluru

Recommended hotel in Ayers Rock:

  • Smart Choice: Outback Pioneer Hotel.
  • Smart Link: Book directly on their website.
  • Price: 260 AU$ (approx. 170€-142£) double room with bathroom
  • Email:
  • How to get there: rent a car at the Ayers Rock airport and follow the signs to Ayers Rock Resort. When you get there, you'll see the signs for how to get to Outback Pioneer Hotel.
  • Description: this is a total desert area. There is only the Ayers Rock Resort, a series of 6 lodgings that belong to the same group. This is why accommodations are so expensive. Outback Pioneer is the most affordable alternative (so is Camping, which is even cheaper, though with less services).
  • See Outback Pioner Hotel at TripAdvisor.

Other recommended hotels:

Premium choice:

Basic choice:

Recommended hotel search engine in Ayers Rock: Booking.

Recommended hotel in Kings Canyon:

  • Smart Choice: Kings Canyon Resort.
  • Smart Link: book at
  • Price: 280-380 AU$ (approx. 185-250€ / 155-210£) double room with bathroom. Rates vary depending on the season. You can also sleep in the Lodge in rooms for 4 persons (2 bunks) without a private bathroom for 172 AU$ (approx. 108€-94£). 
  • Address: Kings Canyon National Park. Email:
  • How to get there: Kings Canyon is halfway between Ayers Rock and Alice Spring. From Ayers Rock it's a 4-hour drive through the desert. In the Route tab you'll find directions on how to get to the park. Once there, the hotel is clearly marked.
  • Description: the only hotel in the area. The lodge is very similar to the one at Outback Pioneer in Ayers Rock, and the hotel, while old fashioned, is respectable. 
  • See Kings Canyon Resort at TripAdvisor.

Other recommended hotels:

  • Kings Creek Station: somehow better than our Smart Choice, but a bit far away from the Canyon, so we just recommend it in case of no availability. They have super basic accommodation (190 AU$ safari cabin with shared bathroom, aprox. 135€), but also super luxury tents (950 AU$ food included, approx. 680€). Book directly at Booking. See Kings Creek Station at TripAdvisor.
Recommended hotel search engine for Kings Canyon: Booking.