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What to do and see in Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island: beaches and coves

Vuelta a la isla y baño en sus playas y calas, Australia

Today, we recommend you take your time and drive around the entire island, visiting its coves and small beaches. Our favourites are Alma Bay and Horseshoe Beach. It is also very worth it to visit Geoffrey Bay and do some snorkel. There is a very interesting route marked with buoys. And besides, there is an area on the rocks full of wallabies.

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Visiting The Forts in search of koalas:

The forts, Australia

When the sun begins to set, don't miss the chance to take the "The Forts" walk (it's close to Horseshoe Beach and is marked on maps and the road). Sunset is the best time to see koalas. Look closely between the branches of the trees, where you'll be able to see them eating or sleeping. You need to be extremely attentive, as they are not easy to locate.

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