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Where to stay: Hotels in Cape Tribulation

Recommended hotel in Cape Tribulation:

  • Smart Choice: Cape Tribulation Farmstay
  • Smart Link: best prices at
  • Price: 165 AU$ (approx. 107€-93£) double room, tropical breakfast included.
  • Address: (Postal address) Mail Service 2041, Cape Tribulation, North Queensland, 4873, Australia. 
  • How to get there: it's on the same Cape Tribulation road. When you get to Cape Tribulation, after the Cape Tribulation Shop and immediately after the Takeaway and Bat House, you'll see a sign for a B&B. Turn left onto the road bordered by palm trees. The owners' home, which is also the front desk, is at the end of this road.
  • Description: Bed & Breakfast with lots of charm, located inside a farm that grows tropical fruit. The owners are lovely and in the morning serve breakfast consisting of the fruit they grow, some of which are quite exotic.
  • See Cape Trib Farmstay at TripAdvisor.

Other recommended hotels:

Basic Choice:

Premium choice:

  • Wildwood (Cape Tribulation Exotic Fruit Farm): 185 AU$ (120€-100£ approx.) double room + breakfast. Similar to our Smart Choice hotel but even more integrated into the forest. The rooms are more modern and are literally in the trees. Breakfast is served in the room. The catch is that you have to make a reservation for a minimum of 2 nights. Book at their website.
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