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Where to stay: Hotels in Melbourne

Recommended hotel in Melbourne:

  • Smart Choice: Best Western Atlantis Hotel.
  • Smart Link: the best rates are at, but check Rates to go for possible offers (starting at 110 AU$). Booking usually doesn't charge for cancellations, so you can always make a reservation here and, a month in advance, check Rates to go.
  • Price: 100-125 AU$ (approx. 65-82€ / 55-68£) standard double room.
  • Address: 300 Spencer Street, Melbourne 3000, Australia. Email: 
  • How to get there: from the Melbourne airport, Skybus will take you to Southern Cross Railway Station in 30 minutes for 18 AU$ (taxi: 85 AU$). If you arrive at the airport in Avalon, there is also a Skybus which for 22 AU$ will drop you at Southern Cross Railway Station in 50 minutes. Once in Southern Cross, go to Spencer Street, cross over to the sidewalk in front, and continue walking towards the left. The hotel is 2 minutes away.
  • Description: apartment-hotel in good condition and with impeccable service. It's not the closest hotel to the city centre (15min walk), but the rates are very good and it is well situated next to the train station and to the Spencer stop of the free circular tram line (route 35). The price usually includes breakfast, served on the top floor with fantastic views of the city.
  • See BEST WESTERN Atlantis Hotel at TripAdvisor.

Other recommended hotels in Melbourne:

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Premium Choice:

Recommended hotel search engine for Melbourne: Booking.

Recommended hotel in Port Campbell:

  • Smart Choice: Park View Apartments.
  • Smart Link: book at
  • Price: depends on the season. 90 AU$ (approx. 60€-50£) double room during European summer and 140 AU$ (approx. 92€-76£) during their summer (December-February). Book room well in advance because Port Campbell fills up this time of year.
  • Address: 4 Desaily Street, Port Campbell, Australia. Email:
  • How to get there: when you get to Port Campbell, continue on the same road that goes along the edge of town (continue following Great Ocean Road). Once the road passes through the town along the sea, it continues to the left, while if you go straight, you enter Desaily Street. A few metres ahead, on 4 Desaily Street, is the apartment-hotel.
  • Description: impeccable apartment-hotel with very good rates. It's not in the heart of town but, since the town is so small, you can't tell the difference. Careful with the Australian summer: the village fills up with vacationing Aussies and it's almost impossible to find a room! Make reservations well in advance.
  • See Port Campbell Parkview Apartments at TripAdvisor.
Otros hoteles recomendados:

Basic choice:

Premium choice:
  • Best Western Great Ocean Road Inn: 135 AU$ (approx. 90€-75£) double room with bathroom. Very close to our Smart Choice. Average quality (typical Best Western). Rates more or less stay the same throughout the year. Discounts if you book a room one month in advance (no cancellations). Rates include high-speed internet access (though hard to believe, quite unusual in Australia). Make a reservation at their website or at See Best Western Great Ocean Road Inn at TripAdvisor.
Recommended hotel search engine for Port Campbell: Booking.